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DXN Code Strike genuinely happy with you DXN Code Strike genuinely happy with you

   Discussion: DXN Code Strike genuinely happy with you
nawiz khan · 9 days ago
=11ptDXN Code Strike genuinely happy with you gotta leave hmm what's the point staying you get me length what's the point staying in there's something wait you know yet every day if you've got bad vibes about a girl like oh my got beggar this girl that girl decent that is a bag of confusion you can be like I don't know what I'm feeling today is because energies are transferred in it so you've got bare energies on you bear and sometimes it's waste gal energy as well so you got some ways Tiede moving over there you're giving you time to elemental your mental space - and she's a waste of time you got some next one listing on the left you get me that you're linking in and this and that and it's like brother why are you gaining from these two scenarios you might be beating on that but at my age both if it's not about money and I don't get the value of =11pt  

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