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zirbn hbgt · 11 days ago
=11.0ptaround weight loss but we're going to talk specifically about the lies that we tell ourselves in the midst of us trying to lose weight that we listen to I am guilty of I think every single one of these and I think that's why it prompted me to share this with you guys because you guys know that since I lost the 55 pounds it has been a battle for me to start losing again and last year was definitely a battle and it continues to be and I only can lay the blame on myself so let's get into it the first one is I do not need to count my points or calories or whatever it is you're doing I do not need to count it I think to myself I know how many points I've pretty much done this week or today or this meal and I know I'm good and so I don't do =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt =11pt  

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