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Will You Take Diabetes Pills to Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels? Will You Take Diabetes Pills to Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels?

   Discussion: Will You Take Diabetes Pills to Reduce Your Blood Sugar Levels?
Jerome Princy · 11 days ago
Records show about 53 per cent of people diagnosed  StrictionD Review with type 2 diabetes are prescribed oral diabetes medications. It is not unusual to find when diabetes pills are first taken, blood sugar levels frequently drop by 15 to 20 per cent. Oral hypoglycemic medications are not always the first choice in managing type 2 diabetes. Many health care providers prefer their patients to initially try to control their blood sugar levels with lifestyle changes centered around weight loss through diet, and exercise.  Other health care providers prescribe diabetic pills to start with, then when blood sugar levels are under control, lifestyle changes are introduced. The person with type 2 diabetes is encouraged to continue with lifestyle changes... with weight loss your blood sugar levels will fall naturally. Diabetes pills are not a cure for type 2 diabetes... mostly they work for several years to help lower your blood sugar levels and then they slowly lose their effectiveness. When this happens, when the oral medications no longer work, you will then need to start on insulin injections.  It is not unusual to have side effects from many particular medications when you first start to take them... often they disappear as your body learns to tolerate the medication and this is also the case with diabetic pills. As with all medications, diabetic pills should be taken as prescribed... usually this is before or with your meals. If you miss a dose, it is best to not try to make it up, just continue on with your schedule and take the next pill at the prescribed time.  

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