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Cheap RuneScape 2007 Item Sale on  RSmallsNow
   Discussion: Cheap RuneScape 2007 Item Sale on RSmallsNow
fanzhou · 1 year, 1 month ago
What rsquo;s more, if you choose to buy rs07 gold pay by western union, you will get extra 3% discount code.Then what are you waiting for? With the above list in your mind and buy runesacpe 2007 gold from  RSmalls, you are not far away from your 2007 quest cape! Plan ahead and be a master earlier! For the 2007 runescape updates, players have showed their ideas in the forums and clans.  Buy RS Gold RSmalls - a trusted 2007 rs items and gold sale site - would like to assort this for you. Check whether there are updates you also desperately want!Highly Suggestted Updates for 2007 RuneScape1. Route finding update needs too be fixed asap. The route-finding glitch to be patched, couple other random crap. Route finding chat filter maybe add in lobby etc.2. Clan Chats with the whole orange dot, purple dot thing, and the rest run system. And basic level of clan support back such as friend chats.If #1 is not possible have add the autojoin feature to friend's chat.3. Resizeable screens would be nice, over the 5 years+ monitors rsfunny have gotten bigger and playing a game on 1/4 of my screen doesn't seem like much fun.4. Removing player-run gambling if/when it gets removed in the current style of the game.5. The HP/Quick prays up near the mini-map.6. Bank tabs and a search option would be useful. 7. No make-x for stringing or making pots, I always think of that as the old school way of training 8. No big updates, just some small things like 5 min afk logout timer, tab to reply.9. Keep the anti-bot software current.10. Remove the Wilderness Ditch. 12. I'd like to see some rare 2007 runescape items implimented somehow, because they provided a major goal for a lot of people, and without them many may find they don't have any item goals to reach. 13. No GE, no God wars, No double XP crap, No PVP worlds just as it was in August 2007 which is where the backup that they have found is from. I dont want to see anything that makes this game start turning back into 2008 2009 runescape.RS Gold Cheap RuneScape 2007 Item Sale on  RSmallsNow as the OldScape blowing, we offer the cheapest 2007 rs gold, items and quest helper.

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