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Divinity Missionary Baptist Church Divinity Missionary Baptist Church

feng lillian · 18 days ago
=11pt =12.0ptCognidren corn bread and a souffle and my heart started going fast as obvious I could have a panic attack right there but I was like really cool and I'm like mark how tall are you he said I'm six feet I said how much do you weigh he said 244 and on my phone I calculated his BMI or body mass index you know health is between 18 and 25 more than 30 is obese and I'm like mark you're obese and he looked at me there's like eight people around us he said Daniel you're so cold I said dude not nearly as cold as you're gonna be when you're Six Feet Under he didn't eat anything on his plate was awesome the next month he lost 10 pounds we met again this is a conference that happens every two years

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