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final fantasy xiv gil farming guide of gear is Spiritbonded
   Discussion: final fantasy xiv gil farming guide of gear is Spiritbonded
fanzhou · 1 year, 1 month ago
From then on, you can summon your Retainer by interacting with a summoning bell, which are located in each major city, in your inn room, and some special encampments around Eorzea that are naturally highly populated. With an inventory space of 175 slots, they have room to hold plenty of items; even untradable ones. You can also store Gil on them too. Using them to sell items on the market will send any Gil straight to their storage for you to pick up later.Retainer Ventures are mini-missions Cheap FFXIV Gil that you can send your trusty servant on. You can equip your Retainer with gear just like yourself, from combat classes and gathering classes. The better stats they have, the better rewards they’ll be able to get from ventures. Here’s a list of ventures you can send them on:These will reward you with items related to the venture itself, e.g. Hunting will give you items that are found on slain monsters, whereas Botany will provide wood and plant material. There’s also Exploration variants of all four mission types, which take a lot longer to complete,Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil but give your Retainer much more experience before completion; perfect to set up before you go to bed. The Quick Exploration venture is the last of the lot - it will send out your Retainer to go and fetch a single item, but that item can be just about anything: from junk, furniture, to end-game gear.FFXIV Spiritbond.Explaining the Spiritbonding & Materia system The last of FFXIV’s Cheap FF14 Gil weird terminology is Spiritbonding and Materia - both extremely useful to just about any adventurer. In essence, Spiritbonding is the act of creating Materia from gear, and Materia is used to augment gear to give it additional stats; think gems in World of Warcraft.When you earn experience by slaying enemies, crafting items or gathering materials, an item’s Spiritbonding progress will increase until it reaches 100%. Once a piece of gear is Spiritbonded, you can convert it to a random Materia. However, converting a piece of gear that’s appropriate for say a Pugilist or Rogue, would provide Material suited to those classes.Depending on the item level of the gear, it will provide different levels of Materia when converted.

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