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Why We need to Change AOL Password Why We need to Change AOL Password

   Discussion: Why We need to Change AOL Password
ashlywilson · 13 days ago
You pick your password while creating your AOL or AOL Mail account for the first time; unless you manually change it, as we show you in this tutorial, and recommend you do on a regular basis, AOL will not force or even suggest that you update your credentials. Since AOL and AOL Mail are connected (use the same authentication system in other words), changing it in one will affect the other - when you are done, don't forget to update your password in email programs you might use to check your AOL messages.  This is brief information about how to change aol password and why you need to change it i mean in what cases you need to do it with AOL Account:
  • When you have security issue
  • If someone trying to login your account
  • If forgot or lost your aol account the you find out how to change AOL password
Learn here how to change your AOL password as below:
  • To prevent someone else from accessing your account settings and/or changing your credentials, AOL will require that you enter your current password - if your username is not pre-filled, enter it manually, and hit Enter or click "Sign in".
  • Type the answer to your security question and click Continue (another security measure).
  • Click on the "Change AOL Password" link on the right hand side of the next screen:
  • Enter your New Password in the first text field, and Confirm Password in the second (to avoid any typos!) AOL requires that your new password be at least 6 characters long, but no longer than 16 - for a more secure password, make sure to mix uppercase letters, lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers - these passwords are extremely difficult to crack. Remember that it will be case-sensitive: remember which letters were in caps or lowercase.
  • Click on the green "Save" button at the bottom to update your account. That setting takes effect immediately: if anyone else is sharing your AOL email account, keep them in the loop! If your web browser is set to automatically sign in to AOL, you may receive an error message: just re-enter your username and new password and the problem will be fixed.

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