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Get your smart brain running Get your smart brain running

   Discussion: Get your smart brain running
fanzhou · 3 years, 10 months ago
Exciting news, the treasure trails poll has closed now, you must be curious about the result. Well, it past with very high number of votes, and this is very nice. Things that the Old School team need to do now are working out the details, getting it implemented and letting players experience the fascinating expansion. With these new changes coming, you must be desired to have fun in games. Remember to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold at  RSmalls to get prepared. Cheap RS Gold RSmalls gives you details on treasure trails expansionTreasure trails expansion at this time includes new challenges and rewards for the existing tiers of clue scroll as well as a brand new tier-master clue scrolls. It is sure that master clue scrolls will be added, and it will offer an incredibly rare bloodhound pet as a potential reward. And for new challenges and rewards for the existing tiers: one untradeable reward will be available for each tier of clue scroll, and you need to earn these rewards by completing 500, 400, 300 or 200 clues for easy, medium, hard and elite clues respectively.Ranger gloves and holy gloves will be added as a potential reward from elite clue scrolls. A +11 Ranged attack bonus will be offered for 40 Ranged. God blessings will be added as a potential reward from all tiers of clue scroll. Hidey-holes, small storage spaces and the uber and rare lucky implings will be added to Old School. There will be a rare chance of receiving clue scrolls while mining and woodcutting. The gilded armour and the gilded scimitar will be usable in free-to-play, and of course the gilded boots are not included. Remember to buy cheap rs 07 gold at  RSmalls to have fun. RS Account RSmalls reminds you clue design contest in Old School RuneScapeThe fact is players are the one who finally experience the expansion, so your opinions and ideas on clue scroll expansion is very helpful. Join the clue design contest, there also have rewards prepared for your contribution. You can email your clue ideas to Jagex, if your ideas are accepted and used in games, Old School team will give thanks to you in news post. And if your ideas are really good and be chosen as the favorite three, you can get some prizes: any one of items in RS merchant store and an art signed by Old School team.Getting approval and appreciation from others for one’s own thoughts is good, you probably want to feel that too. Runescape Gold Get your smart brain running, and design your own clue scroll challenges. And when you want to buy cheap runescape 2007 gold to have fun, come to  RSmalls, we will deliver legit OSRS gold within 3-10 minutes. Hope you can enjoy your time in RS.The  RSmalls Team Runescape players! Good news for you.
vrool · 8 days ago

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