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Fast travel in Final Fantasy XIV
   Discussion: Fast travel in Final Fantasy XIV
fanzhou · 1 year, 3 months ago
Yes, you can also customise your character’s chest size, for those who are dying to know. Similarly, it is possible to customise your male character’s muscle tone for seekers of manly proportions.After completing the character creation process, I decided that my Mi’qote would become proficient in the ways of the fist, and hence I chose the Pugilist profession, FFXIV Gil which solves the world’s problems with a fistful of justice. Classes in A Realm Reborn decide the starting city of your created character, and in the Pugilists case, they start out in Ul’dah, a city situated at the heart of the desert. And thus, my journey into the realm of Eorzea began.“Is this your first time in Ul’dah?” the man in the carriage asked me. I told him it was. “What brings you here? Fame? Money? Glory?” he asked. I tried to think of an actual reason to why am was sitting in this carriage, making this journey. Unfortunately, I didn’t know the answer myself, deciding to give him a blank stare before the carriage was unexpectedly stopped by government officials. Just as the carriage was being inspected, a group of monsters approached out of nowhere with severe bloodlust. We were swiftly dismissed by the officials as they dealt with the monsters, the carriage accelerating at full speed to arrive at our destination. FF14 Gil In the distance, I could see a majestic city in the middle of the desert waiting for me.At this point the game begins proper, via tutorials which introduced me to the basics such as movement, the world, character progression, guilds and sidequests. The earliest quest involved making my way through the city of Ul’dah for errands and, at the same time, introducing the mechanics of fast travel in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, which are quite similar to the ones in Guild Wars 2. Aetherytes are one of the key components in A Realm Reborn and these massive crystals are the primary fast travel method between different regions.By attuning my character with Aetherytes, I was able to teleport to the Aetheryte’s destination via a “Teleport” skill which costs Gil. In case a particular Aetheryte was set as my home point, I was then able to return to it Aetheryte for free via the “Return” skill, but this skill needs to recharge for 15 minutes per use, Deadman Mode Gold hence it is not abusable. In addition to Aetherytes, there are also Aetheryte shards, which are scattered across the city for travelling within its boundaries. My only quibble regarding the intra-city travelling was the aetheryte shards are not well defined on the map.

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