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Final Fantasy XIV hasn't appeared on Microsoft consoles
   Discussion: Final Fantasy XIV hasn't appeared on Microsoft consoles
fanzhou · 1 year, 3 months ago
Completing the Void Ark's challenges will reward players with a new lineup of gear for Fall 2015, and with the raid's higher iLevel requirement it's entirely possible the equipment will compare favorably to those awarded from Alexander: Gordias. FFXIV Gil We won't know for sure until the Void Ark and a host of other new features (including the continuation of the main story) become open for business once Patch 3.1 hits FFXIV some time early November 2015. Remember that you'll need access to the Heavensward expansion to experience any new content that starts in the lands of Ishgard.What's up with Diabolos appearing in the Void Ark?Clearly looking to be much more than the occassional Duty Finder dungeon boss, we imagine! And suddenly, a wild Cait Sith appears...To celebrate the game's success, Square Enix is hosting a special event called The Rising in conjunction with the Moonfire Faire. The event runs from the 27th to September 7th and is a celebration of remembrance and reflection. While NPCs reflect on the events leading up to the Calamity that reshaped the realm, players take off on an adventure to prevent an insect infestation from ruiningthe mood. Players can earn new companion  pets and even a Heavenscracker to scare off any straggling insects or even annoy a healer as they're trying to  keep the party alive.Happy birthday, Final Fantasy XIV, and may your accounts continue to climb Heavensward!Final Fantasy fans on the Xbox One shouldn't rule out the possibility of exploring Eorzea as a catgirl just yet. Naoki Yoshida is still working on the possibility of getting Final Fantasy XIV made available for Microsoft fans and is even interested in doing a port of the MMO for the upcoming Nintendo NX system.The only catch is that both Microsoft and Nintendo would have to let one specific game play nice with everybody.The only reason Final Fantasy XIV hasn't appeared on Microsoft consoles is the company's lack of willingness to allow Xbox systems to communicate with PlayStation systems or PCs. FF14 Gil Microsoft has recently changed their minds, somewhat.Yoshida is also interested in bringing Final Fantasy back to Nintendo systems with a port of XIV for the NX. Like the Xbox port, cross-platform play is a big deal for Square Enix, as the company wants everyone to be able to play together.

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