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Pure O OCD - The Best Advice Ever? Pure O OCD - The Best Advice Ever?

   Discussion: Pure O OCD - The Best Advice Ever?
mathewjohn · 11 days ago
When we look at mental health what a lot of people are Advanced Adaptogen Complex Review referring to are anxiety. Now, anxiety is a good thing and it serves you and protects you when you need it the most, however, there are times that it can hurt you. You see, a long time ago, way before technology like phones and radios and electricity and all that existed, we lived in much dangerous times where anxiety usually mean that your life was actually in danger and it was good to have anxiety because it saved your life. However, things are different now, but when we stress out over things, this can kick in our anxiety and cause us to have the same fear as if you were really being attacked. What I want you to know is that you mental health is largely determined by what you put in your mind. I want you to re-read that last sentence a few times and really let it sink in. The reason is that we are watching the news and violent moves and listening to things that are negative, gossiping and such. You should know that our brains retain much more stuff than we are aware of. That is why it's so vital that we surround ourselves with good stimulus. Unless you are someone who can do anything about the situation in a meaningful way, I would invite you to stop watching the news. Have you heard the saying, "no news is good news?" That is true. Whenever we turn on the TV, we can find that the news is filling your head with negative things. Why do you need to know about the local gas station being robbed? Why do you need to know about the tsunami that killed thousands of people in another country, unless you actually have enough skill, supplies or money to actually help them? The fact of the matter is that most of us would watch that and do absolutely nothing about it.

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