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Discover the Champion in You - 5 Small Changes To Transform Your Life Discover the Champion in You - 5 Small Changes To Transform Your Life

   Discussion: Discover the Champion in You - 5 Small Changes To Transform Your Life
mathewjohn · 2 days ago
In the past, when something like this occurred, Hypnosis Bootcamp Review your negative reactions may have swallowed you up, completely absorbed you, run you. Now, by observing your reaction with the intention of improving it to whatever degree you can, you experience some degree of liberation. Instead of yelling at someone you love, you can exercise a little more restraint and speak more calmly. Instead of taking a drink you can decide to take a walk or work out to calm your nerves. Instead of plunging into despair you can take a few deep breaths and relax. Your anger, unhappiness and fear may still be there, but through focused observation and intention, you will be able to ease those states to some slight degree. You might find yourself tempted to worry that easing up on your negativity is not enough to solve your problem. You might worry that you need to do more to avoid the situation worsening. But when improving your reaction to a slight degree is the best you can do, it is enough to set a positive trend into motion. This trend may not entirely turn your circumstances around, but it will improve your circumstances. You will find that this cycle of difficulty passes a little sooner, leaving a little less damage than it other wise would have. And when the cycle of difficulty returns, it will prove to be a little less threatening, a little easier to handle. If you focus on improving your reactions once again, the difficulty will pass more quickly and easily, and the next time it arrives, it will prove less trying. In life, things will not always go the way you want them to. About 50% of the time you will be faced with challenge, pain, disappointment. That is how life works. We can call it the law of the living wave. Like the ocean, life occurs in waves that go up and down. The only time life remains flat is when its dead. Then you flat line. But as long as you live, you will experience ups and downs in every area of your life. You cannot stop the downs from occurring.

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