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emotional instability is the enemy of hair
   Discussion: emotional instability is the enemy of hair
bobotoms · 1 year, 5 months ago
emotional instability is the enemy of hair        Every day, I opened my eyes and thinking about is the day of performance completed, encounter difficult customers for the mood is easy to control, and mental stress, emotional instability is the enemy of hair, too much stress will lead to strong male hormone secretion, and further lead to hair loss.   Outdoor worker Their work environment often face exposed to the weather and rain, that will directly affect the hair growth. In the sun, for example, strong ultraviolet radiation will damage the wigshumanhair hair protein, inhibit hair protein synthesis, often in such an environment will inevitably become worse hair. In addition to hair loss, but also easy to have outdoor workers occupation disease, eye disease and other diseases.   programmer In general, sleep, diet, mental stress is very easy to cause hair loss human hair lace wigs uk , the programmer almost all of the. And mental labor, thinking also causes the body to secrete male hormone to maintain brain activity, so programmers in DHT is high, this is very like an athlete, so it is easy to hair loss.  

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