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activate the atrophy of hair follicles
   Discussion: activate the atrophy of hair follicles
bobotoms · 1 year, 3 months ago
activate the atrophy of hair follicles       I don't think so, because masturbation = hair loss? Debate has been going on for many years, not only is China in the fight, outside the walls of the bald friends also dispute blush. Why is it so easy to dispute that there is no scientist to design a simple, double blind experiment, and give a conclusion?   Heavy oil is not the main cause of seborrheic alopecia. Genetic factors is one of the main cause of seborrheic alopecia, and the body of male hormones increase is also related, taken together, is the main cause of wigshumanhair seborrheic alopecia.   According to statistics, 90% of seborrheic alopecia and familial and genetic related, this kind of patient to a certain age testosterone will rise, resulting in hair prematurely into the telogen, and make hair follicles shrink slowly and hair loss. 10% and acquired maintenance related, such as life is not regular, stay up late, tired, etc.. So, the focus is to adjust the level of hormones in the body, promoting blood circulation in the head to activate the atrophy of glueless lace wigs hair follicles.  

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