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How to Choose an Appropriate Packaging for Shipping? How to Choose an Appropriate Packaging for Shipping?

   Discussion: How to Choose an Appropriate Packaging for Shipping?
maxxwell · 10 days ago
It is not always easy to choose the right packaging for optimal protection of your objects. To avoid being the victim of damage or loss, here are some tips and recommendations regarding the few precautions to take to make a well protected and resistant packaging ! SUMMARY A suitable packaging for each object! Make a perfect shipping package Content protection The packaging The closure labeling ARCEP, in its 2013 Annual Report of the Postal Activity in France, highlights the key figures of the following postal sectors: The total volume of mail items (folds <2 Kg) amounted to 9279 million items The total volume of parcels <30 kg by authorized operators amounted to 331 million items The volume of the postal distribution of the press amounted to 2.4 billion objects Thus, every day millions of packages or folds are shipped. Flights, looting, loss, crushing, or damage of all kinds, that's what your mailings in general can be submitted. To avoid or at least limit, the most of these risks, it is essential to respect a number of criteria to ensure a shipping container tough and successful! First you must know that the packaging adequate is chosen according to 2 key parameters: The type of object / commodity The type of transport and / or storage A suitable packaging for each object! cut form weight fragility resistance (to temperature variations, shocks and impacts etc.) Depending on these criteria, different packaging solutions are available to you: Postal envelope: cardboard envelope or bubble envelope Plastic bag Bubble bag Post box Shipping case Shipping tube Carton packing (single or double corrugated cardboard, corrugated cardboard etc.)

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