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Moderate stretch fabrics are made with single knit fabric
   Discussion: Moderate stretch fabrics are made with single knit fabric
Crepefabric · 1 year, 4 months ago
Double Knit: Double Polyester Fabric  are made of tiny knitted and ribbed fibers that look the same on either side of the fabric.The ribbing and heavy-weight quality makes it a bit thicker, so ribbed knit fabrics perfect for skirts, dresses, jackets, and coats.Sweatshirt Knit: Also called sweatshirt fleece, sweatshirt knits should not be confused with cotton fleece, which is stretchier.Sweatshirt knit is made of smooth, vertical ribbing on the right side and a soft fluffy surface on the wrong side. It is extremely easy to work with and perfect for cool-weather sportswear, jackets, and, of course, sweatshirts.Boiled Wool: Mechanically knitted and washed for shrinkage, boiled wool is very soft and often used for scarves, hats, jackets, and other cold weather garments. Boiled wool is most commonly seen in dress fabric as well.Moderate StretchModerate stretch knit fabrics are the most common knits and it is probably what you picture when you think of knit fabrics.An example of moderate stretch is fabric used to make t-shirts.Moderate stretch fabrics are made with single knit fabric, resulting in a comfortable, light to medium weight fabric that stretches from 25% to 50% across the grain.Moderate stretch includes cotton jersey knit, tricot, double-napped cotton fleece, interlocking Textile Fabric , velour and stretch velvet.

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