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when you're just looking at the screen when you're just looking at the screen

   Discussion: when you're just looking at the screen
fanzhou · 3 years, 1 month ago
Fortunately, it was announced that some relief may be incoming.Sony that the next amendment will take long loading times in the blood. Deadman Mode Gold In a statement to IGN, Sony said: Currently a team of developers to explore other blood stain and look for ways to improve the duration of the charging time, in addition to other performance optimization and repair various errors. We will provide more information as soon as possible. So just how bad is the problem? Digital Foundry announces pregnancy for up to 45 seconds when trying to revive the character, he says, it is also a nuisance because of the structure of the game center of the world, where each load level the region Sen Hunter, which in itself takes 12 seconds to load. The following figure shows some charging time experienced digital foundry, and how much they were able to shave using a SSD instead of the shares in the PS4 HDD.Even 12 seconds is a long time when you're just looking at the screen, waiting just to ask who remembers riding the elevator Mass Effect, three-quarters of a minute borders forever, especially as the pace of the game as soon as blood. This suggests a review of the game GameSpot also that the problem is compounded by the road-borne rescue system called flash point in the rsfunny action. GameSpot also notes, can not be planted directly from one tube to the other: Always go to sleep first, and that means a quick trip requires, not to wear one, but two load 30 seconds, and good screens.

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