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Prayer for Protection Prayer for Protection

   Discussion: Prayer for Protection
Robert (anon) · 9 years, 2 months ago

Pray when within 500 yards of Lorraines house drug addicts,dealers,gang members,thieves,criminals and troublemakers will see,smell,hear and feel raw sewage,diarrhea,rats,bats,spiders,bugs,worms,scorpians,maggots,pee,rotten food,trash,snot and snakes on every inch everywhere on everything.Pray whenever a drug addict,dealer,troublemaker,gang member,thief or criminal goes within 500 yards of Lorraines they will think they smell like the most foul odor,they will itch,cramp,think they have open sores,lice,flees,ticks,maggots,worms boils,open sores and feel rotten all over their bodies when within 500 yards of Lorraines house. Agree with this Prayer in your head and GOD will hear you In JESUS Name Amen.

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