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How to Succeed at Weight Loss How to Succeed at Weight Loss

   Discussion: How to Succeed at Weight Loss
rosariawetzell · 8 months ago
I get a lot of emails from frustrated readers. Wildfit Quest Review Frustrated because they just can't stick to a weight loss program. And therefore, they just aren't getting the fat loss results they deserve. And most of these people blame themselves...and hard. But to be fair, in this world of fast food, comfortable chairs and 50,000 channels, it's only easy in theory to stick to a fat loss, muscle building lifestyle. In reality, we all have days where we want to skip out on our fitness needs. Other people find the information overload so overwhelming it paralyzes their ability to move forward on a program. In this day of the information age, it's not hard to get access to some very good (and very bad) fitness information. But I like to think the very good info is found in my newsletters here. But even with all the info out there, it can be tough to put it all together, let alone stick to it. And you can't expect to go from a laundry list of bad habits to a virtual fitness diehard overnight. But you can make a big new change everyday and get one step closer to your dream body. Yesterday I started working with two clients that both weigh over 350 pounds. But I'm not giving them a hardcore workout and nutrition plan today, and expecting them to follow it to the letter. That would last about 4 hours. Instead, we identify the worst of their habits, and slowly attack them one by one. With consistency. Because it is with consistency, that you make good fat loss choices into lifelong habits. And that's what I've seen work over and over again. For once the consistency becomes a habit, then you are in control. One of my best clients and best friend is a shining example...gone are the days when he drank 2 liters of soda per day...and now he sticks to whole-foods eating and he is so successful he is cover-model magazine material.

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